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Non- Immigrant Visas

  • H-1B: Temporary work visas for workers in specialty occupations
  • L Visas: Intra company transfer. Need to be Executive, Manager or possess specialized knowledge. Must be coming to work for the U.S. parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of overseas company.
  • Extraordinary Ability (O-1): For persons of “extraordinary” ability in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
  • TN: The Trade NAFTA Category (citizens of Canada and Mexico)
  • Athletes & Entertainers (P 1): For members of entertainment groups, individual athletes, and members of athletic teams
  • Religious Workers (R): Classification applies to full time religious workers
  • Treaty Trader (E-1): For persons engaged in international trade in USA.
  • Treaty Investor (E-2): Designated for persons engaged in investment in U.S.(treaty countries)
  • E-3 visas: Certain Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia
  • Visitors for Business/Pleasure (B1/B2): For persons desiring to enter the U.S. temporarily for business or pleasure
  • Students (F1): Those coming for higher studies.

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